Congratulations, President Hurley!

We would all like to extend our congratulations to President Hurley on the occasion of his inauguration. Use this space to contribute your good wishes, and tell your best Rick Hurley stories.

28 Responses to “Congratulations, President Hurley!”

  1. Glenda Harling says:

    President Hurley,
    What a thrill it must be for you to have achieved this honor. I know you will be the best president UMW has ever had. Give my regards to Rose. Debbie’s sister…Glenda

  2. Daniel Browne says:

    President Hurley:

    On move-in day last fall, you came around to the dorms to welcome the incoming freshman. In my Alvey room, I was tired and sweaty and my roommate was shirtless, freshly removed from the shower. You came into the room and shook both of our hands and told us “It’s good to have you here”. You are the man, in the best sense of the word. The students here look up to you and appreciate you; your open heart and friendliness brighten the campus. Congratulations on your official inauguration.

  3. T. Morgan Riley says:

    President Hurley,

    Thank you for your service to the University these many years, and may the years ahead of you be the best yet! Many young alumni, especially those of us who had a chance to work with you, couldn’t be more excited. It was a privilege to have you preside over our graduation back in 2008. God bless and Godspeed.

    T. Morgan Riley, Class of ’08

  4. George Farrar says:

    Congratulations Rick. UMW is blessed to have your hand on the helm.
    Best regards,
    George Farrar

  5. Suzanne McCarthy Van Ness '69 says:

    We can all rejoice now knowing that our beloved Mary Washington is in the finest of care under your supervision. You and Rose are superb ambassadors for the university, and its future will be very bright with your guidance. Heartfelt congratulations on your
    (official) ascent to the Presidency!

  6. Ray and Caitlin Moore says:

    Congratulations President Hurley! What a great pick Mary Wash!

    Ray ’07 and Caitlin ’08 Moore

  7. Mark Leheney says:

    President Hurley, our family sends our best wishes to you at this exciting and memorable time. This is a noble and high calling, and an important role in our society. We want to extend our support to you. I’ll always remember how you quoted the lyrics from “Fly Like an Eagle” during move-in day and reminded the students and parents of what that song is really all about, and what the values of UMW are.
    We hope you have a great day tomorrow, and congratulations to you!

    Best Regards,
    Mark Leheney

  8. Katherine Lister says:

    Congratulations President Hurley! I look forward to all the things to come.

  9. Janine Kuty says:

    Congratulations, President Hurley! May God continue to bless your work at this fine university.

    All the best,
    Janine Kuty, Class of 2002

  10. Jay Sinha says:


    We are all indebted to you for the years of exceptional service you’ve poured into Mary Washington, and we hope this day will honor your ascendancy as you’ve honored this school. Tell the wonderful First Lady that the Sinha Brothers miss you both! Looking forward to a historic day tomorrow.

  11. Kyle F. Allwine says:

    Dear President Hurley,

    As a student, it is so great to finally have a President to believe in. You made a speech several weeks ago saying you now consider yourself an educator. Not only are you an educator, but you are an inspiration for the student body. Your actions have shown that students are a priority, which is exactly what the University of Mary Washington needs. Continue towards your goal of excellence and being the best liberal arts college in the nation. If anyone can do it, it is you.


    Kyle F. Allwine

  12. Janet Cropp says:

    President Hurley,

    Congratulations on your upcoming inauguration. It is an honor to be included in the celebration and we all look forward to it. We are so delighted to have such an outstanding person to serve as president of the University of Mary Washington. You and Rose are both wonderful ambassadors for this institution and have brought back such a happy atmosphere.

    Best wishes,
    Janet Cropp

  13. Diane Christopher Bridge MWC 1980 says:

    Dear Rick,

    Congratulations and best wishes. I’m delighted that you will be inaugrated as the ninth President of the University of Mary Washington. I’m certain that the University will gain by your outstanding service and guidance. Your love for the University and the community is exlemplary.

    With kindest regards,

    Diane Christopher Bridge MWC 1980

  14. Nathan Jennings says:

    President Hurley,
    On behalf of Encore, UMW’s Show Choir, we are honored to have you as our school’s 9th president. We look forward to the years of excellent service under your tenure. And most of all congratulations!
    Nathan Jennings
    President of Encore

  15. Gail Beever Cook says:

    Congratulations, Richard! I am so happy for you and Rose and am so pleased that Dad, Carol and Mike will be able to share in your special day. If we were not a continent away, I would be there too! Have a wonderful day and relish every moment; you deserve it!
    Love, Gail and Andy

  16. Merle and Bob Davis says:

    Bob and I wish you success as you formally take the reins at UMW. With all of the on-the-job training you have had over the past years, we believe the the University is now in very good hands and its future assured. Our congradulations to you for this achievement. Distance and age prevents us from being present to celebrate this momentus occasion with you.

  17. Congratulations, President!

    From all of us at Marstel-Day, LLC

  18. Anne McCaskill Libis says:

    I am so glad. I know you will do a super job. Thank you for caring about Mary Washington and all of us

  19. Suzi Bevan says:

    My very best wishes and congratulations to you, President Hurley. May you continue the excellent work you have begun and enjoy your role of President of this outstanding University. Good health to you and your family and much success and enjoyment be yours.
    Suzanne Ross Bevan ’80

  20. Sylvia Woodcock says:

    You already know how I feel about your presidency. I have been in your “corner” for a long time. My only regret is that this did not occur before those few difficult years. Stuart and I wish for you and Rose a multitude of blessings and accomplishments as you lead our remarkable University.
    All the best,

  21. Congratulations on the next stage of your career of giving to the next generation. It is comforting to know the future is in your capable hands

  22. Mimi Hurley says:

    Dear President Hurley,
    That has a wonderful ring to it! We are all so very proud of you that mere words can’t express how we feel. You and Rose are awesome, and we congratulate you both! Our hearts are filled with pride, and we wish you nothing but the most extraordinary things your time as president will bring! We can’t think of two people who are more deserving of this terrific honor and accomplishment!
    With much love,
    Doug, Mimi, Megan & D.J.

  23. Cherry E. says:

    WHOOPEE FINALLY The President I’ve been waiting for!!!! Rick you know I was in your corner before you were even thinking about this job. Again WHOOPEE!! HUGS to you and Rose (what a terrific Pres. wife.) Cherry

  24. Marie Somma says:

    President Hurley,

    What an honor to have you serve as the University of Mary Washington’s ninth president! I wish you the best of luck and much success.

    Marie Somma

  25. VADM Jeff Fowler, USN retired says:

    President Hurley,
    Congratulations on taking over a great school.
    Best of luck,
    Jeff Fowler
    60th Superintendent, U. S. Naval Academy

  26. Leo Szymborski says:

    Knowing you for as long as we have, welcoming you into the family and to live to see how far you have come, it’s been a pleasure. It’s been a long road for you and Rose and your family too but look where you have landed.
    The 9th President of the University of Mary Washington. WOW
    Never to have gone to college myself or my wife, well this is just such a proud success story for someone in our family to achieve. We are happy to be able to attend your inauguration.
    Love you, Uncle Pat & Dot

  27. Kitty Gregg says:

    Congratulations, President Hurley,
    I want to congratulate you on your Inauguration as the 9th President of the University of Mary Washington. I graduated a long time ago in 1966 (in a galaxy far, far away) and even though I have not met you, I have heard and read wonderful things about you. Everyone was thrilled when you were selected as President. You are the perfect person to lead the University of Mary Washington into the future. My husband, Don, and my college friend, Terry Caruthers and her husband, Don, look forward to meeting you and congratulating you in person. Thank you for including us in this momentous occasion.
    Kitty Gregg

  28. Let me add my congratulations to you on becoming the 9th president of the University of Mary Washington. Having served here for 41 years I can say that I am proud of the University and am so pleased that you are taking the reins as president. I feel comfortable in your judgment and your honesty is refreshing. Keep that beautiful boat (the Carver) handy for needed getaways.